Frequently Asked Questions

Whom should I contact for job opportunities that may exist? back to top

For current job openings in our corporate and regional offices, please review the most recent postings listed under the About ELS section of the web site.

Whom should I contact if I’m interested in selling a site-set housing community or an RV Resort? back to top

ELS offers one of the finest acquisitions programs in the industry. For more information please review the About ELS section or contact an ELS representative at 312-279-1400 to learn how our acquisitions program can work for you.

Is there a homeowners' association at each community? back to top

Homeowners' associations exist at most communities and serve as a liason between residents and management.

What are the locations of the communities? back to top

We currently own and operate more than 370 communities and resorts in 32 states and British Columbia. For a complete listing of communities, go to the Select Your Community section and search all states or a single state. Also, visit our RV site at for additional RV and Park Model Resort locations accress the country.

Can residents have their own lawn/garden design? back to top

Our residents are dedicated homeowners who take pride in their home sites. Residents are responsible for their individual landscaping designs and many produce meticulously maintained home sites, thereby enhancing the overall beauty of each community.

Are rental homes available within the communities? back to top

Rental programs are available at several communities. Both long-and-short-term rental programs are available to customers, who can experience the joys of community living first-hand.

Are pets allowed at communities? back to top

Each community has its own guidelines concerning pets.

Does Equity LifeStyle Properties offer age qualified communities? back to top

Approximately seventy percent of our residents are 55+, and nearly two-thirds of our communities are marketed exclusively as age qualified communities. For a list of our age qualified communities, go to the Select Your Community section and search for "age qualified community" under "community type."

How do I know if my new home has been constructed in accordance with HUD's national building code? back to top

Once a HUD-certified inspector approves the new home design, a label is affixed to the home. You should also find a data plate on each home listing the manufacturer, serial number, design approval, heating specifications, and wind resistance. If these can’t be located, purchase of the home is not recommended.

Does Equity LifeStyle Properties provide financing options to home buyers? back to top

An affiliate, RSI offers several financing options to home buyers. Also, a variety of lending sources offer site-set home buyers a wide range of financing options.

Does Equity LifeStyle Properties sell homes within the communities? back to top

An affiliate, Realty Systems, Inc.(RSI), provides brokerage, sales and leasing services in most communities. These professionals help prospective residents find the homes suited to their needs and desires. RSI works with a variety of home manufacturers, offering home buyers a variety of floor plans and interior amenity packages.

What fees can I expect to pay as a resident of a site-set housing community? back to top

Some of the typical fees associated with living in a site-set housing community include site rental, utilities such as water, sewer, electric and gas, trash collection and cable television service.

What amenities are offered to residents of Equity LifeStyle's site-set housing communities? back to top

Amenities vary from community to community and may include swimming pools, whirlpools and spas, golf courses, clubhouses, tennis courts, game rooms, exercise rooms, basketball and volleyball courts, play and picnic areas, marinas and boat docks.

What are some of the benefits of owning a site-set home? back to top

Owners of site-set homes enjoy the benefits of a single-story layout, low maintenance and top-grade construction. In addition, site-set homes offer quality living at an affordable price. Residents at Equity LifeStyle's communities can take advantage of resort-style amenities, in addition to a variety of planned social activities and group outings that keep them on the go from dawn until dusk.

What is the average price of a site-set home? back to top

With an average new price of just over $75,000, these new site-set homes offer a tremendous value in today’s housing market. Depending on the region of the country, construction cost per square foot for a new manufactured home averages anywhere from 20 to 50 percent less than a comparable site-built home, excluding the cost of land.

What are the average size and layouts of the site-set homes? back to top

Today’s site-set homes average more than 1,400 square feet and offer custom features including peaked roofs, skylights, screened-in porches, bay windows, fireplaces and designer kitchens. A variety of floor plans are available that range from standard features to more elaborate designs that include rooms with vaulted ceilings, fully-equipped modern kitchens, walk-in-closets and bathrooms with recessed bathtubs and whirlpools.

What are the benefits of a land lease over purchasing land? back to top

Many people ponder the buy or lease decision when choosing where to live. In an effort to help our customers make this decision we have outlined the advantages of a land lease below:

  • "Nest Egg” Retention - Retirees desiring to preserve capital appreciate the safety net that the land lease provides. The resident is free to invest his/her capital in other ventures and is able to have a more flexible savings program.
  • Transaction Costs - The lessee’s time horizon for living in a particular community is often unpredictable, making leasing advisable. The cost of buying and selling a piece of land (commissions, closing costs, title searches, surveys, etc.) can take a significant time period to recoup. When buying your own land, the costs of necessary site preparation needs to be factored into your decision making process.
  • Additional Costs/Exposure to Market Volatility – Land ownership brings exposure to real estate taxes and volatility in the land market.
  • Ease of Sale - Owning a home in a community owned by a national company with a professional management team can also increase the liquidity of your home. In many communities, Equity LifeStyle Properties offers a sales office with on-site expertise in sales and marketing.
  • Pride of Ownership - The partnership between the landowner and the lessee ensures that the interests of both the lessor and lessee will be met. The community owner has a vested interest in maintaining the grounds and the desirability of the community. This provides built-in protection for the lessee for their investment in the home.
  • Sense of Security – You may also have future travel plans that take you away from your primary residence for extended periods of time and you may welcome the sense of security that exists in a land lease community.
  • Lifestyle Preferences – Community living offers individuals an opportunity to share common interests among those living in their own neighborhood. An abundance of activities and resort-style amenities combine to offer residents a fabulous lifestyle.

What exactly is a site-set home? back to top

A site-set home is a quality factory built home that is delivered to a property and set in place. These homes are constructed in accordance with the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)’s national building code. Quality control, factory inspections and ideal building conditions ensure that every site-set home is constructed of the highest quality. The homes are assembled at the factory and are transportable in one or more sections to the desired location.